Dog Tag Buddies … connecting veterans and shelter dogs

Excerpted from the article: Wouldn’t it be great to give both dog and veteran a second chance to lead a fulfilling life? I am the proud wife of a veteran. He served in OIF as an E7 Scout Platoon Sgt in the Montana National Guard and came home a changed man. His story is not Read more about Dog Tag Buddies … connecting veterans and shelter dogs[…]


Surrendered sadness

Surrendered sadness Alone and afraid Humanity calloused Nefarious played A fully paid price Righteous path paved No roll of dice One more moment braved Freedom taken The hurt of the innocent foretold Sacrificed for our cost For all to behold A trembling love Tears silently streaming Cowering alone No heart beaming Our conscience black Our Read more about Surrendered sadness[…]


Forever holding I’ll pray

Drowning in fear Lighting the heart Wiping her tear Never to part Bending my knees Seeking with dread Warming the freeze Cupping her head How could they? Hurt with a glove Just wanting to play Our furred love Each precious pup Humanity willing to shun Not to grow up Never seeing the next sun Crawl Read more about Forever holding I’ll pray[…]


The Loneliest One … is founded

  The headline read … Surrendered 18 yr old dog clings to kind woman at shelter … and that was all it took. “Muneca” Photo by John Hwang   “When we love the ‘least’ … we truly love,” I wrote in accompaniment of the post and Mia Berg (my patient safety colleague in Sweden) responded Read more about The Loneliest One … is founded[…]


Sad Opie

  Fogged sadnessed eyes Dark misted skies Fur wrapped heart Coeur warmth sought Curled shaking tail Tormented onyxed flail Abandoned forgotten soul Cage tormented Sheol Hope virtually lost Innocent damned crossed A cold impound dove Simply seeking love Gaze upon one must Our heart we must trust The cute puppy … yes And yet another Read more about Sad Opie[…]


This is Tom

With my passion for animals, and having founded P.E.T.S. (a division of DHLG) in July of 2016, where we call attention to the important role of animals in health and healthcare, their positive impact on the human healing (and dying) journey, and connecting those doing this amazing work… I was thrilled when Mia reached out to me and shared: Read more about This is Tom[…]