If you think about getting a pet, don´t buy. Adopt. Consider adopting the one that´s been there the longest, the old and the grey. The unwanted. The unloved. The one who got dumped by people not in love any more, people without the empathy or patience for old age. Consider being the loneliest one´s person for the rest of their lives, giving them unconditional love, attention, care and a tranquil home – all of which someone else deprived them of. All of which they so desperately need. These unwanted ones, will give you tenfold back. We promise.

We ask only that you help us to spread the word by posting a blog, including the website and/or the poster and sharing the message on social media.

You can of course also print out the poster and place it at the local library, the grocery store or anywhere else people go. If you are a shelter, please print out the above poster and place it on your counter, for all visitors to see.

And to all of you wonderful people, please keep us posted, send us pictures of your old, grey, lonely ones and your happy endings! We will gladly post them all here for you and the lonely ones! When you share those sad or inspiring animal posts, memes or videos … please use the hashtag #theloneliestone.